Human resources

Expo.02 Job Center

As a service partner of Expo.02, the Expo.02 Job Center was the exclusive personnel service provider of the Exposition Nationale association, but as such was also available to all Expo.02 partners. In addition, the Expo.02 Job Center recruited and managed Expo.02's internal staff (around 540 employees as at March 2002).

The Expo.02 Job Center employed 74 staff (55 full-time positions) in the following areas: Communications, Recruitment, Call Centre, Administration/Salaries, Operations and General Services.

With regard to the operational phase, the Expo.02 Job Center was responsible for personnel recruitment and selection, personnel administration, payrolling and basic training.

Of the total of around 8'000 people employed at Expo.02 during the operational phase, more than 3'000 were under contract to the Expo.02 Job Center. This required around 6'000 interviews (3rd selection stage), around 12'000 telephone interviews (2nd selection stage) and, to ensure a balanced selection, 24'000 applications, which were roughly pre-selected using an IT system specially adapted to the needs of Expo.02.

Basic training

The Expo.02 Job Center was responsible for the conception and implementation of the Expo.02 basic training. All employees who worked at Expo.02 in any form and through any employer took part in the basic training programme. The basic training lasted one day and was held centrally in large groups of up to 200 participants at the Cité Universitaire Neuchâtel. The basic training in no way replaced the specialised training, which was the responsibility of Expo.02. The following topics were covered: Introduction, philosophy, history and objectives of Expo.02, exhibitions and events, orientation, signalling, transport, behaviour towards visitors - A smile for Expo.02, safety aspects and behaviour in an emergency. A professional situation comedian (Tom Greder guided the participants through the day, linking the individual modules together and giving the basic training the character of an event. Specialists from the Expo.02 ranks were the speakers for the respective modules.  

Expo.02 Job Center was a consortium of
Adecco, Zürich
Manpower, Morges                       

Philippe Mathis (Responsable de projet)
Urs Rüdisühli (Responsable de projet)
Martin Zeller (Responsable des opérations)
Christoph Breitenmoser (Responsable marketing et recrutement)
Isabella Aschbacher (Responsable salaire et administration)
Sylvia Babey-Flori (Responsable outplacement)
Marianne Etier (Responsable des médias)

Michèle Amacher, Frank Blunier, Claudia Castellaneta, Gilles Clottu, Asia Dusong, Isaline Gigon, Félix Hauswirth, Ursula Heitz, Sven Johner, Matthias Kerkhoff, Patrick Kohler, Fabian Matthey, Jorge Morais Gomez, Michael Müller, Armin Neshatfar, Sophie Plumey, Tanya Renfer, Isabelle Rohrbach Sossou, Ruth Romero, Lisa Roulet, Marcel Siegrist, Mark Strähl, Bertil Suter, Mildred Vuillème, Keo Zahn

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