Event venue Arteplage Biel-Bienne


The largest open-air stage on the Arteplage Biel-Bienne mainly hosts concerts and mini-festivals of contemporary music with stars and young talent from Switzerland and abroad. On Sundays, children's musicals and gospel concerts invite young and old to sing along.

The cultural events are protected by a roof of 1'728 m2 (36.00 x 48.00 m), which floats at a height of 16.00 m. The roof is covered with a layer of wood. 16 filigree, light-footed supports form the supporting structure. The roof is covered with 28 cm thick glulam panels. They are temporarily stored here until the platform is dismantled. The monochrome colour space created by the sapphire-blue, semi-transparent textile cladding is dissolved in colour during the performances. 


1'500 seats and 4'000 standing places, partially covered

Head of Events Arteplage Biel-Bienne
Christoph Stahel (Responsable Events)
Daniel Schneider (Responsable Production)
Laurent Sandoz (Responsable Technique)
Michael Kropf (Site Coordinator)
Yann Serez (Assistant Responsable Production)
René Buchor (Assistant Responsable Technique)
Nicole Gerber (Responsable Administrative)
Thomas Drengwitz (Responsable Administrative) 

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