An interactive instrument

Klangturm - Sound tower

During Expo.02, the Klangturm – one of the three towers on the Bienne platform – becomes Switzerland’s biggest musical instrument

What is more, it listens, breathes and plays while you walk through it. If you go inside, you catch sight of the Cocoon high up in the air – something between a recording studio control desk and a DJ console – which directs the advanced electronics system used for the Klangturm. Even though the Cocoon is not always manned, the Klangturm remains in operation.

It can record the whisper of water, the rumble of thunder or the murmuring and trampling of the public and mix it all into a maelstrom of sounds. This has led to the creation of a sound library, which it uses repeatedly to produce new sound streams. Numerous musicians will perform their own interpretations of the Klangturm. Visitors will have to work out for themselves whether it is they who are playing with the Klangturm, or the other way round.


Visitor capacity per day
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SUISA, Zurich
SUISA Foundation for Music, Lausanne

Artistic direction
sound city design (Andres Bosshard), Zurich

Urban Frye Kulturorganisation GmbH, Lucerne

Architecture and conzept
oos ag - open operating system (Christoph Kellenberger), Zurich

Direction capsule construction
Stahl & Traumfabrik AG, Schlieren 

Sound system concept
M&M Hire AG (Daniel Meyer), Schönenwerd

Audio processing system concept
Audio Labs Musik & Computer GmbH (Sandy Turac), Zurich

Website design
atelier lightsite (Daniela Zehnder), Zurich

Coaching Expo.02
Pidu Russek (Leitung)
Jacqueline Rondelli-Leist

Photos: © oos ag - open operating system, Zurich; © Christoph Steudler; © Michael Studt; © Philipp Zanatta