An art exhibition

Stères de bois

Jean Nouvel's Stères de bois are the perfect embodiment of his concept of architecture de camouflage: raw, unhewn wooden trunks, not unlike the wooden boughs in our forests, conceal an art exhibition on themes of time and transience. At the same time, the accumulation of all these annual rings is itself an archive of times and a symbol of the passage of time.

At Jean Nouvel's invitation, the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain is curating an exhibition at the Stères de bois. Jean Nouvel's basic idea of presenting the theme of the Arteplage - moment and eternity - by means of light and moving images will be realised with a commissioned work (Yayoi Kusama), cinematic creations (Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andrei Ujica) and works from the holdings of the Fondation Cartier (Tatsuo Myajima, Bill Viola).



Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, France 

AJN Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Paris, France www,
Partner: GIMM Gauer Itten Messerli Maria, Berne

Grazia Quaroni

Yayo Kusamma
Tatsuo Miyajima
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Andrei Ujica
Bill Viola

Coaching Expo.02                           
Danielle Nanchen (Head)

Photos: Panorama Tour; DVD Generation,02; © VBS-DDPS