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Aua extrema


Aua extrema means extreme water in Romansh, the Latin-based language spoken in parts of Eastern Switzerland. Everything in this exhibition revolves around water, the element which ensures life and survival on our planet and which is increasingly sought after around the globe. But East Switzerland, whose cantons are sponsoring Aua extrema, has the largest water reserves in the whole of a country which already enjoys an abundance of water. So it is only fitting that you should get your feet wet at this exhibition – have fun!

Barefoot in the world of water

Aua extrema doesn’t just talk about water. This life-giving element stages its own amusing performance in an ankle-deep 1'700-squaremetre water tank on the Neuchâtel platform above the lake. You are asked to take off your shoes and socks when you enter the exhibition. The water has a pleasant temperature and visitors go barefoot through the water forest, find the house of ice flowers, admire the aerial view and relax at the water bar. Water turns out to be the network of networks that links the rivers and streams of East Switzerland with the world's oceans.

Water every day. More water than others

At the same time, Aua extrema enjoys playing with contrasts. The house of ice flowers is a cold spot, even in summer. The ice crystals that grow there disappear at the slightest touch, only to reappear later. Amid the ice flowers, video images remind us of the difficulties involved in searching for water in Mozambique. Having water available every day – something we take for granted – remains an impossible dream in many parts of the world.


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Peter Röllin, Rapperswil

Architecture and scenography
KoeppelMartinez Architekten AG (Marco Koeppel, Carlos Martinez www.carlosmartinez.ch), Widnau

Overall project management
Reinhard Frei & Partner AG (Reinhard Frei), Au www.freicom.ch

Zahner & Partner AG (Martin Zahner), St. Gallen 

Landmark Switzerland / 2nd West GmbH, Rapperswil www.2ndwest.ch

Sound composition
Ernst Thoma

Fischer Ingenieure AG (Konradin Fischer), Arbon www.fischering.ch

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Fürer Heizungen AG (Markus Fürer), Rorschach www.fuerer.ch

Sanitary and swimming pool technology
Schneider Aquatec AG (Daniel Häfele), Staad www.aquatec-consulting.com

Elektro Rhyner AG (Patrick Rhyner), Glarus www.erag.ch

Responsible Cantonal projects Expo.02
Lisa Humbert-Droz

Armin Heusser (Head)
Christelle Wick

Operations management
Patrick Koeppel (Head of Operations/Personnel)
Gaby Heeb (VIP and Guest Services Manager & Deputy Head of Operations/Human Resources)
Michael Friedli (Head of Hostesses/Hosts)
Bettina Brüschweiler (Deputy Head of Hostesses/Hosts)
Felix Lenz (Lifeguard)
Robert Fischer (Deputy Lifeguard)
Marlies Beczök (Deputy VIP and guest attendant)
Claudia Kessler (Runner)

Hostesses/Hosts (May to July)
Carmen Angehrn, Rhena Forrer, Muriel Haunreiter, Andrea Huser, Bettina Kundert, Nicole Losurdo, Judith Lutz, Nicole Räss, Sandra Spinas, Gerda Stolz

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Peter Bühlmann, Karin Burkart, Petra Cajacob, Silvia Casanova, Sandra Freitag, Mirjam Holenstein, Rebecca Müller, Marianne Schwyn, Ramona Sonderegger, Sandra Streuli 

Photos: Press kits Aua extrema; Aua extrema; © Carlos Martinez www.carlosmartinez.ch; © Nüssli (Schweiz) AG, Hüttwilen, www.nussli.com; © Jürg Frei; © Martin Lüchinger; © Andreas Mosimann; © Tom Weilenmann: © Claude Zingg; @ Archive Ralph Ammann