Direction Artistique

The Direction Artistique (DA) of Expo.01 was responsible for the entire content programme of the national exhibition. In January 1999, this programme included both the exhibition landscape and the entire programming of the events. At that time, the Departement Expositions was working with 12 employees on the development of themes for the 70-100 exhibitions planned at that time. A large part of the work consisted of supervising the jury for the participatory campaign and processing the competition entries submitted.

After Martin Heller took over the Direction Artistique in January 1999, the internal structure of the Direction Artistique was reorganised. The organisation chart was structured according to the four Arteplages. In an improvised handover, around 100 projects had been taken over from the former Direction Artistique at various stages and often only as sketches of ideas. Finally, the last round of savings in 1999 forced a further reduction to 40 exhibitions, which Expo.02 wanted to guarantee as a minimum. Together with the Direction Partenariat, the acquisition of the necessary partners was intensified. It was possible to motivate a large part of the Swiss business community to consider participating in Expo.02, either by supporting an existing exhibition concept or by developing a joint exhibition idea. Although the close cooperation with the sponsors proved to be successful, it also meant an enormous additional burden for the staff of the Direction Artistique.

In the course of the year 2000, grievances, undesirable developments and signs of fatigue in some exhibitions had to be reacted to. and there were changes in various project teams. On the one hand, these changes delayed the work, but on the other hand they led to a clear increase in the quality of the respective projects.

The management
Martin Heller, Directeur Artistique (26.01.1999-31.03.2003)
Pipilotti Rist, Directrice Artistique (31.07.1997-18.12.1998)

The heads of department
Eva Afuhs (expositions)
Sandra Bachmann (archive)
Lisa Humbert-Droz (projets fédéraux et cantonaux)
Anisha Imhasly (médias)
Gianni Jetzer (projets artistiques)
Basil Rogger (communication contenus)
Rita Schenkel (administration et finances)

The heads of exhibition of the Arteplages  
Pidu Russek (Arteplage Biel-Bienne)
Danielle Nanchen (Arteplage Murten-Morat)
Armin Heusser (Arteplage Neuchâtel)
Sergio Cavero (Arteplage Yverdon-les-Bains)
Juri Steiner (Arteplage Mobile du Jura)

The staff
Dagmar Agethen, Martine Anderfuhren, Suzanne Beri, Myriam Blanchoud Vuilliomenet, Nicolas Bonstein, Christian Brändle, Sina Buxtorf, Michelle Dedelley, Dogan Firuzbay, Thomas Frei, Bernadette Fülscher, Johannes Gees, Madeleine Gentinetta, Daniel Guntli, Jacqueline Häusler, Adrian Heimberg, Daniele Héritier, Karin Hilzinger, Heidi Huber, Hannes Hug, Daniel Imfanger, Nathalie Jaunin Wiederkehr, Armin Kerber, Yann Laville, Fabian Meier, Jacqueline Rondelli-Leist, Sandro Rosselet, Markus Röthlisberger, Gilles Roulin, Caroline Rousset, Deborah Rozenblum, Arndt Schafter, Carla Schubert, Pius Sidler, Stefano Stoll, Christelle Wick, Richard Wickli, Tobias Wieser, Anic Zanzi, Stefan Zopp

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