Arteplage Mobile du Jura

Icon: The Pirate Ship

Of all the Arteplages, the Jura is the most whimsical and unpredictable. The modern son of an old gravel barge, it sails from one Arteplage to the next, capable of constantly transforming itself. On board, the shows and exhibitions have the same unexpected character, which gives them the dimension of an event every time. Bubbling and, when necessary, challenging.

Physically, the Arteplage Mobile du Jura (AMJ) is rather fluorescent. Red and white. And, for the rest, always changing its look at the same time as it changes its role.

The Arteplage Mobile du Jura chooses its own path of freedom. But it always looks further than the tip of its bow: it is interested in everything that is happening around it. He hears, reports and comments on the life of the whole country, with a greedy shamelessness. He is not afraid to make waves, and not only in the three lakes he crosses. He is not afraid to navigate in troubled waters, and he tackles all the themes of Expo.02 with equal impertinence.

A Pirate Ship, the Arteplage Mobile du Jura is mobile in every sense of the word: modular and floating, it offers its adventurous passengers an ephemeral place in space, in time, and in their imagination.

Photos: © Michel Jaussi