The Swiss national exhibition in Northwestern Switzerland


Svizra27 shows Switzerland at work: How it thinks, plans and acts. How it pursues new dreams and preserves old taditions. What it gives to history and what time gives it in return.

If the fundamental definition of work changes as a result of several transformation processes, life and coexistence will also take on a new form at the same time. This is what Svizra27 wants to explore: how do we live and work, how do we create and share values and how do we stick together while the “work” cog in the wheel of “people, work and solidarity” continues to turn at high speed?


Svizra27 wants to present this topic in a way that fascinates the people of Switzerland and inspires them to consider new perspectives, to partake in debates and to look for solutions. How do we want to work and live together in the future? To answer this question, we need ideas, visions and philosophies.


Svizra27 wants to be a laboratory. It wants to achieve an event that gives the Swiss a taste of the new dimensions, opportunities and, indeed, risks provided by the transformations mentioned above; an event that makes us restless with anticipation and brings issues to the forefront, ready to be explored.


Svizra27 wants to be a platform. The “world’s hardest-working nation” is proud of its accomplishments and keen to determine how prosperity and welfare will be achieved in the future.


Svizra27 wants to provide visitors with lasting memories of a shared generational experience. We want to make the people of Switzerland aware of the multifaceted dimensions involved in the transformation of work and those that will affect the way we live and coexist. By anchoring such thoughts in people’s minds, we can help them to anticipate the future of the Swiss world of work.