A national security policy in the making


A national security policy in the making 

Security is a basic need. The individual as well as the state have to protect themselves against many different kinds of threats. What does this mean at a time when clear positions are much harder to identify? What does Switzerland’s present and future security policy look like? What problems is it up against?

The backdrop to the questions raised by Werft is most impressive. Enormous portal cranes can be seen moving slowly along rails set in a wooden deck which leads out towards the lake, like a ship raising anchor or a building that constantly provides new insights. Everything here is in the process of change. Everything harmonizes with everything else. Snow-covered summits against a blue sky, a proud Swiss flag. An inventory of military and civil security forces. Illegal transportation of people.

Or that game of monopoly which crossborder criminals play around money-laundering and terrorism. Werft identifies problem areas, not solutions. More importantly, it shows just how necessary it is to keep a close eye on your territory and makes it clear that security can only be achieved by means of international cooperation in all its different forms.


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