Future? Future!


In 2027, Switzerland will once again host a national exhibition. It offers the ideal framework for a diverse country to reflect together on our future. However, X27 does not only want to reflect on this, it also wants to actively shape our future. We, the initiators of X27, are the individuals, groups, organisations and companies who are already doing this. X27 will show that the future in Switzerland has already begun: decentralised and diverse; from idealistic to innovative, future projects are already coming from the middle of society. Everyone around X27 is united by the conviction that shaping the future of Switzerland is in all our hands.

X27 is an invitation to everyone to participate in shaping the future. And X27 is the promise that the National Exhibition 2027 will be like none before: the reinvention of Switzerland in a process that invites participation. And a stimulating festival without a beginning - but above all without an end. With a brilliant climax in 2027.

There is neither a region nor an association nor any other organisation behind X27. X27 is a loose but determined association of people from Switzerland who are convinced: The future belongs to all of us - that's why we have to shape it together.

X27 is an open system: the more people who join, the broader the idea of Switzerland as a creative society, the better X27 can reflect how the Swiss people in all their diversity approach their future.