Direction Partenariat

The Direction Partenartiat (DP) was responsible for fundraising in the private sector.

Based on the 1995 feasibility study for Expo.01, it was assumed that the private sector would make a sustainable contribution to the total costs of the national exhibition. In the early days of the National Exhibition, this share amounted to around 800 million. The Département Sponsoring questioned this amount, which, based on various indications, it could be assumed that this sum, which had to be acquired, could not be described as realistic.

One of the most important challenges was to find a new form of decentralised sponsor presentation on the Arteplages without having to forego necessary funds from the private sector. Thus, from the very beginning, an advertising-intensive presentation by the private sector was restricted in favour of a uniform, artistically sophisticated overall layout.

The management
René Stammbach, Directeur Partenariat (23.01.2001-31.03.2003)

The heads of department
Peter Andres (partenaire PME)
Beat Heuberger (partenaire officiel)
André Niedermann (partenaires produits, services, infrastructures et médias)
Christophe Terrier (protocole)
Thomas Weyermann (partenaire expositions et events)

The staff
Alessandro R. Anastasio, Barbara Biesuz, Tiziano Blua. Esther Bühler, Bruno Cavelti, Sandrine Chapuis, Corinne Fischer, Rahel Furrer, Frank Giger, Thomas Gschwind, Giuliano Guscelli, Corina Henzler, Carmen Hunzinger, Christoph Inauen, Roman Kalt, Murat Kaynar, Alex Marcelic, Clarette Meierhofer, Karin Meyer, Roy Oppenheim, Hans Perret, Beat Ritschard, Jean-Pierre Stuerchler, Laurent Weber

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