Gli Armadi Sensibili - il tempo della Lumaca

Gli Universi Sensibili

Beneath the gravel mounds on the shores of Lake Morat lies the magical world of the Universi Sensibili. Fourteen wardrobes – Armadi Sensibili – contain tiny fantasy worlds, including the sea whisperer, the antenna of darkness, the thought spittoon and the monster hunter. One by one our little visitors can enter the magic chambers and work their own spells on them, transforming them into places of retreat, hiding and listening places, playrooms, as well as mystery or horror chambers. In July and August, the Gli Armadi Sensibili have an additional attraction on offer: sometimes – but not always – our little visitors are invited into the last wardrobe to discover Die Zeit der Schnecke (snail time). There they join the artists and improvise short plays in which they tell the public about the secrets they have discovered.


Visitor capacity per day
not available - free flow

Total visitors
not available - free flow

Pro Helvetia, Zurich 

Idea, scenography                        
Casa degli Alfieri (Antonio Catalano, Maurizio Agostinetto), Italy 

Works of art
Antonio Catalano

Maurizio Agostinetto

Artistic collaboration
Mirto Baliani, Franco Biagioni, Julia Molnar

Claudia Ponzone, Franca Veltro, Lucia Gianotti

Technical management
Rocco Colaianna, Franco Rasulo, Simone Frizzarin

Project management
Paola Beltrame (Theatre), Sina Buxdorf (Exhibition)

Coaching Expo.02                           
Danielle Nanchen (Head)
Roy Schedler

Photos: © Jürg Frei; © Klaus Hoffmann; Panorama Tour; DVD Generation.02