Switzerland in the picture slinger

Swiss Panorama version 2.1

The transience of the monolith continues in its inner life. Two panoramas illustrate how the image changes reality. They also make it possible to experience how reality is translated into images in different ways by the viewer depending on time and appearance.

The Panorama Switzerland Version 2.1 is presented on the ground floor of the monolith. This is a clip-like carpet of images that projectors spread out over a large, circular screen. The images on the theme of creation show Switzerland both with its clichés and from completely unexpected perspectives.

The flood of contrasting subjects is intended to encourage visitors to create a current, personal image of Switzerland and to question their previous perceptions. The latter is already done by allowing visitors to freely choose their location and distance when viewing the panorama - which illustrates the relativity of optics and thus of reality. Light effects on the back of the screen also create a dazzling mosaic of images whose individual parts merge with each other.


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Julia Müller
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Christoph van den Berg

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Ursula Freiburghaus

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iart AG (Valentin Spiess), Basel www.iart.ch 

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Coaching Expo.02
Danielle Nanchen (Head)
Sina Buxtorf

Photos: © Nüssli (Schweiz) AG, Hüttwilen, www.nussli.com; © Jürg Frei; © Philipp Zanatta