Fascination of Health

Garden of Eden

Picking from the tree of knowledge allowed

To live longer, and to do so in ever better ways: The longer we live, the more medicine pushes back the boundaries of life. But medical advances also raise new questions. These are the subject of the Garden of Eden exhibition, which looks at health as a unified system, as a connection between body and mind.

Me and my health - this is the motto of Garden of Eden - Fascination of Health. The exhibition invites visitors to experience and learn about the interesting as well as highly topical subject of The Challenge of Health. But it is also about asking critical questions. An experience and information trail, playful, interactive, perceptible with all the senses, presents health in a wide variety of contexts. Many aspects influence well-being: biological and genetic factors, lifestyle, risk behaviour, natural and social environmental influences as well as health care. All this can be experienced at first hand.

On a voyage of discovery to oneself

A visit to the exhibition is thus also a visit to oneself and encourages one to translate the knowledge gained into self-responsible action. The exhibition around the Garden of Eden combines real and virtual landscapes to create a surprising and amusing cosmos. The Tree of Knowledge, which can be viewed and marvelled at with the help of a mirrored cylinder, is at the centre of the action. Picking the fruit is not forbidden in this garden. On the contrary, each apple of paradise symbolises a piece of knowledge about one's personal health. 


Visitor capacity per day

Total visitors

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel www.roche.ch 

Project management
Katia Prowald

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel www.roche.ch 

Architecture, scenography
Arc-en-Scène (Hélène Robert, Anne Carles), Paris, France www.arc-en-scene.net 

Lighting design
Christian Jean

Sound design
André Serré

Audiovisual production
Scilly, Eaubonne, France

3D production

Project controlling
Algoé, Paris, France www.algoe.fr

Media contact F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Baschi Dürr, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel

Coaching Expo.02
Sergio Cavero (Head)
Deborah Rozenblum

Operations Management
Beat Staub (Head of Visitor Services)

Photos: Press kit Garden of Eden; © Martin Lüchinger; © Urs Berwert; © Jürg Frei; © Arc-en-Scène (Hélène Robert, Anne Carles), Paris, France www.arc-en-scene.net