Murten lights up

Murten Licht-Festival: Reunion

On Friday 21.01.2020, about thirty former Expo.02 employees met at the Murten Licht-Festival. The mayor of Murten, Christian Brechbühl, welcomed us with a word of welcome and an excellent aperitif. We were treated with food and drink, reminiscing, exchanging news and having interesting conversations. After the refreshments, the artistic director, Ivan Mariano, took us on a guided tour of the festival. With a final drink in the town hall and many wonderful impressions, we said "goodbye". 

What a beautiful reunion. What a great moment of culture and good company. It was very nice! 

The Murten Licht-Festival offers local and international artists a platform to present their light installations (called arteplages). For twelve evenings, these 20 to 30 arteplages illuminate the old town and the nearby lake. The installations have one thing in common: the theme of "light". In order to be able to present it in all its facets, it is deliberately avoided as a dominant theme.

Our programme

from 17:00: individual arrival, Rathaus Murten, Rathausgasse 17, Murten
17.30-18.00: Aperitif offered by the city of Murten in the Rathaushalle. Welcome by Christian Brechbühl, Mayor of Murten
18.15-18.30: Guided tour: show at the Berntorplatz
18.40-19.00: Guided tour: performance "Reverse" in the Reformed Church of Murten
19.00-20.30: Individual tour of the Festival of Lights
20:30-21:00: Friendship drink in the Rathaushalle

We would like to thank the city of Murten, Christian Brechbühl, mayor, and Bruno Bandi (Expo.02: Direction Events, theme days, project manager),, municipal secretary, for their hospitality.