Seven places of faith

Un ange passe

Man does not live by bread alone. Being human also means searching for the meaning of our existence; for the mystery that surrounds our destiny and the answers of religion. Un ange passe invites you to take a walk by the lake past seven pavilions - seven heavens.

An angel passes by: you can ignore him. Or you can regard him as a companion on the path along the seven pavilions. Just as discreet and unusual as the basic idea of the exhibition Un ange passe is its realisation.

With artistic installations, the small pavilions invite visitors to consider questions of life and faith. The seven themes of creation, blessing, word, life after death, sharing, good news and mystery serve as guidelines - themes that are on the one hand religious, but on the other hand appeal to all people.

This openness is reflected in the presentation: the focus is not on universal answers, but on suggestions for individual reflection and rethinking. The freedom of interpretation in turn allows cross-connections to be made between different faiths.


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Swiss Churches at Expo.02 (Association ESE.02)

Members of the association ESE.02:
Armenian Apostolic Church Congregation in German-speaking Switzerland; Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein; Christian Catholic Church of Switzerland; Evangelical Methodist Church; Fédération Romande des Eglises et Œuvres Evangéliques (FREOE); Salvation Army; Coptic Orthodox Church; Ecumenical Patriarchate, Archdiocese of Switzerland; Swiss Bishops' Conference; Swiss Union of Free Churches of Seventh-day Adventists; Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches; Serbian Orthodox Church, Episcopal Vicariate of Switzerland; Syrian Orthodox Church in Switzerland; Association of Protestant Free Churches and Congregations in Switzerland

Gabriel de Montmollin

Gabriel de Montmollin, Georg Schubert

Project management
Georg Schubert, Katja Müller

Supporting group ESE.02
Daniel Alexander, Thérèse Meyer, Edmond Moret

Anton Egloff (Word)
Roland Herzog (Blessing)
Susann Walder (Exchange)
Bob Wilson (Creation, Miracles)
Anish Kapoor (Beyond)
Ernst Hiestand and Partner (Good News)

ksg architectes (deleted) (Kury Stähelin), Delémont 

Electrical planning
Erwin Gerber SA, Delémont

Metal construction
Macom SA, Develier

Wasser Malerei GmbH (deleted), Birsfelden

Coaching Expo.02
Danielle Nanchen (Head)
Caroline Rousset

Operations management
Bettina Beer
Swen Ruegsegger

Photos: Press kit Un Ange Passe; © Christoph Steudler; © Andreas Mosimann; © Urs Berwert